Rebecca Discusses Next Gens in Family Offices on The Capital Club’s Podcast

Thank you to The Capital Club for featuring Rebecca on their podcast. During the episode “Unlocking the Potential of the Next Generation“, Rebecca covered the importance of and ideas for engaging the next generation (Next Gens) within a family office/family business. Rebecca believes families need to make a concerted effort to help their Next Gens build capacity in the areas of Governance, Financial Literacy, and overall Leadership Development. Governance in terms of the family’s overall structure (and new possibilities for roles for Next Gens within this structure); Financial Literacy to ensure that they are not taken advantaged of; and finally, Leadership Development so that they can build confidence to contribute effectively as they want to.

Even though you’re born into a place of privilege, these Next Gens have a lot of anxiety, especially about thinking that they can’t fill the shoes of the people that have come before them.

Our Finley Team is privileged to work with families across Canada. Should you find yourself having difficulty engaging your own Next Gens, do not hesitate to reach out.