“The information from this year’s Finley Board Evaluation provides some really rich information that gives us meaningful things to work towards – thank you so much!”

– Jake Stika, Executive Director at Next Gen Men

“Rebecca, your Governance Workshop was a wealth of information, and your kind but directed nature kept us on track. For that we are thankful as I believe we all walked away with many tidbits and a rejuvenated focus!”

– Denise Hitt, Executive Director at British Columbia Veterinary Technologists Association

Oversight. Insight. Vision.

Boards of non-profit, social enterprise, and public institutions have additional challenges beyond for-profit boards: Directors advocate for specific stakeholder groups; connecting with donor and funding bodies. Ongoing turnover on Committees, membership and volunteers, all require vigilance.

Governance of public agencies, social enterprises, professional and industry associations and post-secondary requires clear structure, defined responsibilities and sound decision-making policy.

Board Evaluations

How effective are your governance practices today, and are you ready for what’s ahead? We perform practice and policy audits, evaluate decision-making, review secretariat functions, provide Chair and Board-level feedback, best-practices insight, and improvement priorities.

Governance Orientation

Our interactive workshop focused on expanding the knowledge of Board members on governance basics, board trends, and best practices. By sharing the actual experiences of other organizations, the Finley team engages participants in improving their understanding of a Board’s governance role.

360° Director Evaluations

Assessments of individual director capabilities, including 360 feedback surveys, feedback and coaching sessions, and skills development plans. Support to Board Chair for gap assessment and Director recruiting.

Board Secretariat

Ensure efficient use of Board time establishing and Management Advisory bodies; drafting policy; monitoring and reporting performance measures; enabling executive performance reviews; manage the annual calendar and the logistics of the Board, Committee meetings, and the Annual General Meeting; prepare agendas and materials package distributions.