“Training with Finley & Associates provided timely and foundational guidance in planning an IT project that impacted many different business groups. While I greatly appreciated the frameworks and theory they shared during the training, immeasurably more valuable was their wisdom, intuition and experience in creating organizational change.

– Jacqueline Cornish, Application Developer at Hopewell

“Rebecca is an extremely professional speaker and a wonderful woman to work with – having worked with her on our first ever Femina Cena event last year “Women on Boards”, Rebecca was incredibly engaging and extremely passionate about the topic which was something we were looking for in a speaker for this event. She resonated with the audience in a way only a natural presenter could – conveying complex terms in an easy to understand way and encouraging our audience to look at where they can fit board volunteering or experience into their career ambition and long-term plan. I would absolutely encourage anyone interested in learning more about board governance and/or focusing on initiatives tailored towards female empowerment, Rebecca would be an excellent person to work with!

– Farialle Pacha, VP Business Development at Next Edge Capital

Maximize Leadership Within your organization

Leadership Development

To ensure the leaders within your organization are performing to their best ability, we have three key ways in which we can support their development: 1) Team Capacity Building; 2) Mentorship; and 3) Succession Planning. Our inter-disciplinary team brings years of mentorship experience from a wide array of positions and industry experiences.


Team Capacity Building

  1. Seminars
  2. Training Sessions
  3. Sector Case Studies
  4. Cross-functional skills development


  1. One-on-one Coaching
  2. Individual Skills Development
  3. Customized Development Plan
  4. Culture and Transformation Best Practices
  5. Follow-up Support

Succession Planning

  1. Risk Framework Assessment
  2. Skills Matrix Development
  3. Succession Planning Workshops

We’re skilled presenters, adept at engaging teams to stimulate performance through training, seminars and workshops. With the experience we have behind us, we have developed many case studies and created highly effective training methods to lead participants in meaningful discussion to build capabilities.

Our services can be adapted to provide organizations with the best support to fit their needs. Together, with our clients we achieve success with a shared commitment to outcomes and implementations. We’re facilitators, mentors, and coaches. We’re also your teammates.

Our topics and programs include:

  • Strategy
  • Governance Seminars
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Leadership Professional Development and Team Training Series
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Implementation Planning
  • Measuring Performance

Capacity Building

Its common for managers in non-profits and social enterprise to rise to senior leadership team roles with little experience outside their functional expertise. We assess, educate and coach inter-disciplinary and leadership team skills and best practices. We co-create an program that develops baseline financial acumen, communications and listening skills, assessing and segmenting target markets, and business risk assessment.

Executive Mentoring

Individual development plans for leaders undertaking new roles or leading their organization through significant change. Development plans address personal aspirations and knowledge gaps, and cultivate financial acumen, stakeholder engagement, leadership team bulding and interpersonal conflict management. Ongoing assessment, coaching and feedback sessions are typically incorporated.

Custom Seminars and Workshops

Leadership Essentials seminars customized for your leadership team to learn together: Governance Basics; Strategic Human Resources; Building Trust; Developing Performance Metrics; case studies from related sectors.

Succession Planning

Succession plans for CEO, other Executive roles, Board and governing bodies, that account for a wide variety of scenarios and timing (e.g., sudden vacancy, extended leave, illness or retirement)