“The data driven process used by Finley & Associates provided essential perspective for our Committee’s work. It also gave us confidence that the choices we were making were the right ones for what we wanted to achieve.”

– Laurie Livingstone, Vision Committee Member at Grace Presbyterian Church

Informed decision making is essential to strategy

“Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.” – Suhail Doshi.

The 21st century is the era of the knowledge worker and without understanding and analyzing key trends, strategic shifts, stakeholder feedback, market events, economic analysis identifying policy and/or performance impacts, you are left making uninformed decisions. We help our clients identify, collect, and analyze data that is meaningful to them to ensure they are making good decisions.

Scenario Development & Forecasting

Modeling and forecasting are both an art and a science. Whether you are considering a new venture, an expansion or transforming your operations, “What if?” analysis is essential for your leaders to understand both the opportunity and the risks. The Finley team’s expertise is in identifying the drivers shaping your future, building understandable models, and facilitating leaders in making decisions.

Data Analysis & Insight

Building alignment out of leaders’ diverse perspectives viewpoints is daunting. You look at your financials every quarter, but probably doesn’t consider your sectors trends, market growth or membership until your are facing big strategic questions. The Finley team are experts in extracting learnings from your current data combining it with fresh sources, and guiding your leaders to new insight.

Stakeholder Surveys

Bringing the voice of your members or customers into strategy discussions is vital. While leaders are thinking about the future, getting at the reality of you current stakeholders and their opinions requires more than word-of-mouth. The Finley team’s expertise is in framing the most vital questions – multiple-choice and open-ended – in the ways mass-market research companies can not.


Getting decision-makers on the same page is easier with facts and case studies from across your industry and even other sectors. Benchmarking broadens your thinking and helps in avoiding the change-management mistakes of others. . This work is brought into the facilitated sessions to broaden perspectives and rest the strategic horizon.