Our Values: Integrity, Creativity, Courage, Impact, Entrepreneurialism

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

– Steve Jobs

A multi-disciplinary team uniquely skilled in facilitating diverse viewpoints.  

Finley & Associates – led by practitioner, author, and lecturer, Dr. Donna Finley – are specialized management consultants with experience spanning multiple sectors that have undergone significant transition. The Finley Team’s approach is to play the long game while being quick about it.

We support our clients through the exercise of forward-thinking, grounded in the facts of their current reality. Finley & Associates brings expertise in market needs segmentation, provocation facilitation, inter-generational perspectives, technology adoption, cultural change, and leadership development. We don’t believe in quick fixes, industry-centric platitudes or business-as-usual planning.

Finley & Associates brings our thought leadership to stay above the fray, bring learnings from analogous sectors and use client-centric data as strategic touchstones. Our ultimate objective – always – is to transfer knowledge and build capacity in our client organizations.