Full engagement, transformative thinking, decision action.

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

– Peter Drucker

Underpinning our results - careful listening, full engagement, fresh ideas, and thought-provoking facilitation.

Finley & Associates emphasizes strategic renewal and goal setting with measurable results – for both the organization and its leadership. With capacity building, fact-based decision making and stakeholder engagement at the core, a successful organization creates the path to courageous decisions and a sustainable future.

Drawing upon the philosophy of Peter Drucker (the ‘Father of Modern Management’), we work with clients through high-engagement processes to drive long range thinking and pragmatic near-term objectives. At the core of our results are well-defined strategic initiatives and concise communications to employees and key stakeholders.

We deliberately structure our work with clients to transfer knowledge and create sustainable success. We are strategists, motivators and catalysts, genuinely excited to see clients contribute, tackle big issues and maintain unity.

We maintain an objective view and apply knowledge, expertise and ideas gained from multiple sectors and 35 years of experience to successfully guide transformation processes. We inspire our client-partners to take action. Our process includes customized strategies allowing for a clear path to successful execution.