Podcast Features

We love to share our knowledge with others. Listen to interviews we have conducted with The Biz Dojo, Queen’s University’s Department of History, and DirectHer.

DirectHer – Instagram Live | Jan 2021

Thank you to DirectHer for featuring Rebecca on your Instagram Live. Rebecca’s interview with Sinem Ersoy covered her experiences as as Management Consultant and the Board Chair of Next Gen Men, a national non-profit that is focused on engaging, educating, and empowering men and boys around gender. ⁠

“I think the most important thing about being a board chair is being a fantastic facilitator… you’re in charge of facilitating a group of really smart people and making sure that you’re driving the conversation forward, not only at the board table during the session but your prep is always before and after a session too.”

DirectHer Network is a women-led not-for-profit dedicated to empowering Albertan women and gender non-binary people with the tools and support necessary to serve on boards. DirectHer was founded in 2019 in response to watching an overwhelming number of capable women self-select out of leadership opportunities thinking they didn’t perfectly satisfy 100% of the application criteria.

Learn more: directhernetwork.com

Queen’s University | Department of History – The Alumni Archives Interview | Jan 2021

Majoring in History for her Undergraduate degree, Rebecca was honoured to be featured as the first episode of the Department of History’s new alumni podcast – The Alumni ArchivesRebecca discusses how her choice of studying History and joining the Queen’s Debating Union helped her excel in her current career as a Management Consultant.

The History Department at Queen’s University wants you to meet our alumni! Our alumni have gone on to hold really interesting careers and have advice and fun stories to share with current History students. Tune in to learn something new about the opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate History students at Queen’s.

Learn more: www.queensu.ca/history/

The Biz Dojo – Podcast Interview | Dec 2020

Thank you to The Biz Dojo for featuring Rebecca on your Podcast. Rebecca’s interview with Seth Anderson and JP Gaton covered topics that Rebecca’s very passionate about including diversity & inclusion, toxic masculinity, and good governance!

“Rebecca, as an advocate for #yycbusiness , also provides her take on how #entrepreneuship and a focus on key fundamentals will help #diversifytech and other industries in Calgary and across the country. We’ll even talk about the fun (yes! We said FUN!) in proper #governance, as well as how #strategydevelopment and #execution drive value (and reduce meeting times!).”

The Biz Dojo is a podcast run by Seth Anderson and JP Gaston that connects listeners to the stories and experiences of leaders from all walks of life. This podcasting and learning space plays host to masters of their art, including TV personalities, professional athletes, corporate leaders, and up-and-coming business owners. This relaxed, interview-style program provides real insights and conversation with some of the most successful leaders in our community and abroad. It’s a place for sharing stories, and for listeners to build their strengths while leveraging knowledge passed on from those who have walked before them. Throw in some conversation about sports, world events, pop culture and a little bit of fun, and you’ve got The Biz Dojo.

Learn more: thebizdojo.com