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Dr. Donna Finley is renowned for a lifetime of thought leadership

in consulting practice and academic service.

This page is a dedicated resource to share her learnings from the past 35 years as a practitioner and academic. Browse through our Client Case Studies and Publications to learn directly about our experience first hand, or sign up for one of our Seminars to learn from a member of our team.

Get to know Donna

As a proven strategist, successfully leading restructuring and transformation initiatives, Donna has a solid reputation for strategic leadership, governance expertise and training, and organizational capacity building. With over 35 years of business experience, Donna’s passion and ability to quickly synthesize information and create integrated strategies has earned her high praise from Boards and Senior Management teams struggling with competitive realities. She has held transitional leadership positions and led consulting engagements in multiple sectors. She is particularly interested in developing sustainable social enterprise and adaptive business models as foundational for non-profit organizational success. As the driving force behind several large-scale organizational transformations in different sectors, Donna has led the redesign of governance structures, business models and processes that position organizations to achieve sustainable impact. She believes in high engagement to achieve sustainable results.

Donna is a noted speaker, a pragmatist, author of multiple academic articles and co-author of a textbook on strategic planning.


As practitioners and academics, we believe it is important to reflect on our cases and to share our key learnings. As such, many of our client cases have been published in the Harvard Business Review, Ivey School of Business, and Queen’s University. Read our cases now.

Podcast Features

We love to share our knowledge with others. Listen to interviews we have conducted with The Biz Dojo, Queen’s University’s Department of History, and DirectHer.

Awards & Academic Service

An award winning strategist and academic, Donna has been recognized both nationally and provincially for her contributions. Additionally, giving back to educational institutions has always been important to us. Learn more about our awards and academic service.

Upcoming Seminars

Rebecca Finley-Schidlowsky is back with another Governance Basics Blitz interactive workshop this February 26, 2021 at 2pm MST. If you’re interested in participating in this Workshop, please email Rebecca: rebecca@finleyandassociates.com

What this Workshop covers:
✔️ Key definitions.
✔️ Introduction to key roles (Director, Committee Member, Members, Management).
✔️ Overview of various Board structures.
✔️ Tips & tricks for improving your Board’s performance.
✔️ Finley & Associates Ltd.‘s Case Studies that have been taught to MBAs/EMBAs in California and Calgary.
✔️ Ideas for joining a Board and/or Committee.

As the not-for-profit sector is struggling right now, each of our Workshops are in support of one we admire. As such, this Workshop is in support of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and we do ask that you contribute a $75 donation directly to the organization.

Following on the heels of our Governance Basics Blitz, Governance 2.0 challenges participants to think about the critical roles Committees and Members have to play. Committees can be strategic tools; however, are unfortunately often overlooked or ill-prepared for the task at hand. Similarly, Boards often become out of touch with who their Members are and why they are important.

What this Workshop covers:
✔️ Roles & Responsibilities Clarity (Members, Directors, Committees, Management)
✔️ Board and Management Governance Models (effectiveness vs. efficiency)
✔️ Core responsibilities the Board cannot delegate
✔️ Key Officer Roles
✔️ Introduction to Succession Planning techniques/tools
✔️ Linking Board work to Committees and Management

This 2 hour Workshop’s cohort is limited to ensure optimal learning. The cost to secure your spot is $75 + GST.

Rebecca Finley-Schidlowsky and Jeff Homer have teamed up to offer a unique Workshop that focuses on Governance for Start-Ups. This Workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs, individuals working in start-ups, as well as investors (and potential investors).

Objectives of this Workshop:
✔️ Introduce key Governance principles and terminology.
✔️ Present a roadmap that entrepreneurs can use to begin to develop their governance framework.
✔️ Understand the non-financial elements of an investor term-sheet and how they will affect your life.
✔️ Learn from others through live case studies.

This 2 hour Workshop’s cohort is limited to ensure optimal learning. The cost to secure your spot is $75 + GST.

Click here to learn more.

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