Sparking Collaborative Results.

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We create a foundation for high performing boards, through best practices audits, board performance evaluations, board strategic planning and monitoring and board member development.

We also provide: 


  • Individual Director Assessments and Board Evaluations
  • Secretariat – including executive functions
  • Leadership Essentials : Governance Basics
  • Best Practices Audits


start-quoteFinley & Associates has mediated our family board meetings for two years now and coached us on how to govern ourselves through many complicated business transactions. Donna’s support was and continues to be integral to our success in accomplishing these milestones!”

– 3rd Generation Family Business Executive

start-quoteGifted consultants have ably supported us in [our] visioning work.”

Grace Presbyterian Church, Lead Minister Search Committee

– Laurie Livingstone,
Co-chair of the Vision Committee