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Managing the Family Business

Managing the Family Business explores the corporate management, career paths and options, as well as the family and personal issues that are often unique to family-owned and managed businesses. The course develops the participant’s understanding through exposure to organizational models and skill development to address the challenges family businesses and families owning these businesses face. This course is not only intended for family members, it is also appropriate for those that work within a family business.


  • Introduction to family business
  • Governance in the family business
  • Strategic management in the family business
  • Succession in the family business
  • Change and transgenerational value creation
  • Entrepreneurs in every generation
  • Financial management
  • Tax management
  • Relationships and conflict


  • The 14-week course will run from 5 pm to 8 pm MST on Wednesday evenings with only 10 spaces available for those invited by Finley & Associates Ltd. to participate in this first year.


  • Participants with an undergraduate degree will be joining MBA students from the Drucker School of Management remotely and synchronously by paying a discounted tuition of $3,000 USD (normally $6,000 USD) for this inaugural year.
  • Participants will receive the course text and materials at no extra charge and will not be expected to write papers, exams, or other forms of assessment as participation in the collective sessions is the main indicator of comprehension.
  • Upon completion, each participant will receive a “Certificate of Completion” signed by the Principal instructor (Professor Vijay Sathe) and by the Dean of the Drucker School (Professor Jenny Darroch). Participants will be able to cite this certificate on their resumes to reflect their achievement.

Peter F. Drucker

Peter F. Drucker is considered the father of modern management, and his time-tested doctrine is the cornerstone of our education at the Drucker School. As a writer, teacher, consultant, and unparalleled management guru, Drucker influenced governments, non-profits, and corporations, including He taught at Claremont Graduate University from 1971 until 2003, passing away two years later at the age of 95. The Drucker name commands international respect because his management philosophy makes sense, gets results, and empowers everyone in an organization to make a lasting difference. 

Dr. Vijay Sathe

C.S. & D.J. Davidson Chair and Professor of Management,
Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito
Graduate School of Management,
Claremont Graduate University
+1 909 229 3670


• Strategy; collaborative change management; practical governance; coaching leadership teams in strategic redirection in challenging markets;
• PhD, Ohio State University
• MBA, Ohio State University
MS, University of Wisconsin



• Visiting Professor, International Management Development Institute – Lausanne, Switzerland
• Associate Professor – Harvard Business School

To unite world-class experts in family business governance with successors and representatives of family businesses from around the glove for a comprehensive graduate program in management and executive training.


The Institute will be the flagship academic institute of the Drucker School, seeking to attract students and family businesses throughout the world. Its programs will address the issues and opportunities of family businesses; managing the family name, succession planning, innovation, corporate responsibility, governance, finance, and sustainability.