Donna appointed to University of Calgary’s Senate

Congratulations to Dr. Donna Finley on her recent appointment to University of Calgary’s Senate. Donna was interested in joining UCalgary’s Senate to strengthen the University’s connection with its community by leveraging knowledge in innovative ways. With the current economic downturn, Donna believes UCalgary has an integral role to play in revitalizing the community by engaging current students, alumni, and the broader Calgary community. Donna’s term will last until June 30, 2023.

About University of Calgary’s Senate

The Senate is an independent body of diverse community leaders and university representatives, who are ambassadors for the University. The purpose of the Senate is to promote the reputation and priorities of UCalgary, building long-term support in the communities the University serves and leads.

Donna’s work on the Senate

As a member of the Community Engagement Committee, Donna is currently assisting with the process for identifying lecturers for the Lecture of a Lifetime Series. The Senate established this series of lectures for the purpose of recognizing excellence in teaching, research, innovation and community service by faculty members of UCalgary. Inspired by the Carnegie Mellon University 2007, Lecture of a Lifetime, delivered by Professor Randy Pausch, it is intended that the LOALS serve as an exhibition of the exceptional talent and outstanding academic performance that reside in the faculties and schools within UCalgary. The lecture affords the opportunity to showcase the lecturer’s work to an open audience comprised of students, colleagues, alumni, practitioners, policy-makers, Calgary and global communities.

Donna’s History with UCalgary

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