Client Case Study: ‘Change Management at a not-for-profit Arts Company’

Andrew Smith, MBA

Andrew Smith, former Technical Director of Alberta Ballet during a time when the organization was forced to reorganize in the face of imminent bankruptcy, wrote a paper, as a requirement of his Global MBA at The University of Manchester.  The paper analyses the situation and actions taken to affect the change, guiding the Ballet back to long-term sustainability. Finley & Associates were engaged to oversee the work required. It is always our hope to inspire knowledge development within our clients, and Andrew’s paper is a wonderful example of this. Congratulations Andrew!


More about our transformational work with Alberta Ballet:

Phase 1 focused on collecting the foundational data required to develop a Strategic Direction and a Resource Development Strategy to transform the organization into a sustainable operation. Work included: visioning; discovering distinctive attributes of the Ballet; analyzing key audience segments and market trends; and, business optimization including shared services.

Phase 2 focused on implementing a new sustainable business model to transform the organization and address immediate operational issues. Included in our efforts were: developing an artistic vision; aligning Board governance to match new vision; developing target audience/donor profile(s); redesigning programs and services; initiating fundraising to re-capitalize the organization; membership / sponsorship renewal and new acquisitions; rebranding; designing and implementing subscription campaign; and, mentoring / capacity building of senior leaders. The foundation of the sustainable business model was built around target market segmentation, integrated artistic vision, board governance renewal, the introduction of a social enterprise, an annual reinvestment in reserve model, and disruptive technologies.

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