Client Spotlight: Alberta Chicken Producers


Thank you to the Alberta Chicken Producers’ Board for another wonderful Strategic Planning Retreat. This is the 6th year our Finley & Associates Ltd.’s Team has worked with this awesome groups of leaders and it’s been amazing to see how much ACP’s Board has grown. Specifically, this organization is very unique in that it puts a lot of effort into engaging and building trust along the value chain; which is particularly crucial during times of crisis. It is always inspiring to see players from across the value chain all sitting in the same room providing input on ACP’s strategic framework.

“Thank you for another impactful and engaging Retreat Donna and Rebecca!! Each year we receive incredible value from our work with you. You continuously stretch our thinking and provide us with tremendous growth and learning. The Finley Team most certainly plays pivotal role in the success of our organization and our industry!”

– Karen Kirkwood, Executive Director, Alberta Chicken Producers

Our Work with ACP:
ACP has engaged the Finley Team for the last six years to facilitate its strategic planning process. Each year, the Finley Team works with ACP’s Board to ensure their strategic framework is responsive to current and emerging issues and opportunities facing this dynamic industry.

Alberta Chicken Producers’ Story:
Alberta Chicken Producers is a provincial ‘farmer-run’ organization representing our 253 chicken farmers in Alberta.

Our farmers are local families who are passionately committed to providing consumers with safe, high quality, locally produced chicken, raised under the highest standards of animal care and food safety.

  • 100% of chicken farmers in Alberta are certified under national Animal Care and On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Programs as a condition of their licenses to market chicken.
  • Our farms are audited and certified annually by third-party auditors.

Our industry is growing sustainably.

  • Our 253 farms produce over 175 million kg live weight of chicken annually, with a farm gate value of over $225 million. All of this is accomplished without subsidies or taxpayer dollars.
  • 69% of Alberta’s chicken farmers are between the ages of 18 and 49. For the past five years, Alberta has averaged 10 new entrants into the chicken industry annually.
  • Our unique combination of youth and experience has cemented our place in Alberta’s dynamic economic environment for years to come.

We place high value on the partnerships that define our industry.

  • We are part of a community, an integrated value chain, working closely with hatcheries, processors, feed companies, researchers, and agriculture boards at the provincial and national level to deliver high quality chicken products to consumers.

Alberta Chicken Producers values our relationships with industry stakeholders, as exemplified by our

Shared Industry Vision:

Alberta’s chicken industry is collaborating to grow, create shared value,

and ensure chicken is consumers’ preferred and trusted protein.

In support of this Shared Industry Vision, Alberta Chicken Producer’s Mission is:

Serve Alberta’s chicken producers by collaborating with key stakeholders to:

  • Create a thriving environment for sustainable chicken production
  • Encourage a competitive, consumer-focused value chain

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